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by | Nov 28, 2015 | Brand, RHS

For over 50 years Britain in Bloom has been brightening our lives with beautiful borders, revitalised roundabouts and general civic joy. An enduring testament to the positive power of plants.

Since 2002, the diverse regions and nations that make up the flowery fellowship have come under the organisational auspices of the RHS. We were charged by them to help make sense of a particularly tricky situation.

After taking over national coordination of the programme Britain in Bloom was rechristened RHS Britain in Bloom. All well and good you’d think – the (inevitably small) gardening activists around the country being able to tap into the clout of the UK’s gardening charity. But of course it’s not that simple.

Because when you’ve dug and planted, cajoled and created, hustled and weeded your way to a beautiful neighbourhood you feel pride in your own back yard. You celebrate Fordham or Filby in Bloom, not the RHS.

When you’ve turned a tough urban corner into an oasis you shout about Didsbury or Derry, not Britain in Bloom.

Our work has repositioned Bloom to be better able to benefit from the national leverage of the RHS while retaining the ability to highlight local achievement.

We’ve also shrunk the gap between the beautiful hanging baskets of idyllic Middle England and the transformative effect horticulture has on our more challenged corners.

It’s a fundamental leap for Bloom and the RHS alike; one small step for Mother Nature.