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Taking the haughty out of horticulture: our continuing work with the


In a world obsessed with what’s around the corner, there’s much to be said for having been ’round the block a few times. Like paying your dues, enduring values and knowing your onions. Just three of the reasons we love working with the RHS.

Image: Progress Packaging

And when you’ve reached the ripe old age of 200-odd and you’re called the Royal Horticultural Society, you know your onions.

Our work with the RHS spans the entire organisation. Brand, campaigns, retail and shows; engagement, acquisition, activation and retention.

We’ve helped deliver record RHS Garden visits and membership numbers; reached new audiences and opened up commercial opportunities.

Most importantly, we’ve enabled this most august institution to talk to its wonderfully diverse constituency in an unpretentious and focussed fashion.

Gardening makes the world a better place, whether you’re pottering a postage stamp or something more palatial. Being able to get that message across to the great and good and the ’hood is no mean feat.

We like to think we’ve helped take a bit of the haughty out of horticulture, made the multifaceted joy of growing just that bit more meaningful and celebratory.