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by | Jan 28, 2017 | Brand, RHS

This is one of those great jobs. Tone of voice and communication guidance for an organisation with over two hundred years experience and a dizzying span of activity.

From ultra-nerd science to primary education, high society knees-up to challenged estate outreach, the RHS has grown over time to be a horticultural hybrid of epic proportions.

The authoritative voice of The Garden magazine; the consumer-facing engagement of retail; membership, holidays and advice… all needing incorporation into a single brand voice.

Taking the RHS guiding principles – a desire to Inform, Involve, Inspire and Improve – we’ve identified four personality traits that bring the principles to life.

Enabling the organisation to be focussed, open, stimulating and celebratory is a simple set of writing guidelines.

200 years, countless amazing projects, an audience that is effectively everyone without a heart of stone.

And one voice.