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A life-saving identity that’ll benefit everyone in the capital, for


Pollution kills 9,500 people every year in London—nationwide the figure is closer to 50,000—and vehicle exhaust fumes are a major contributor.

Stop Killing Londoners are non-violent direct activists organisisng disco roadblocks across the capital.

Our identity is designed to be as impactful and clearly communicative as possible for the 10 minute protests – assets are distributed via social media and the Stop Killing Londoners website.

It’s an approach that has already allowed the actions to spread to Bristol, secured meetings with The Mayor of London’s office, and gained extensive national press. And that’s only the start.

You know how your Gran goes on about the pea-soupers of the 50s, and you can’t believe how fires and factories were allowed to spew poison into the air? One day, our grand kids will be just as amazed that cars were allowed to do the same.

The change starts here.