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A unique exploration of the philosophy of punk:


The Truth of Revolution, Brother is a unique exploration of the philosophies of punk.

Resolutely not about the music, it explores how the life choices and attitudes of those behind the movement have resonated through the decades.

It is a book that challenges many enduring myths.

Our design reflects the punk spirit of freedom and autonomous empowerment, but doesn’t look like all the other generic genre books.

No fanzine photocopying , no ransom note text, no typewriter fonts.

It’s a serious long-form text book (because it is serious) and a coffee table book at the same time.

We got original artistic contributions from interviewees (including a cracking cartoon on New York punk in the 80s by Jeffrey Lewis), as well as creating a series of illustrations throughout.

The authors supported an early desire to print the book as ethically as possible. No China, no cheap paper. Calverts cooperative in Hackney used vegetable-based inks and sustainable paper stock.

It’s worth mentioning too that the cash for the project was totally DIY. A successful Kickstarter campaign raised the money for production. And led to the set-up of Situation Press, for whom we also did an identity.

The Truth of Revolution, Brother is doing its utmost to avoid the modern Gradgrind that is Amazon, with its own shop at

The first run of 1,000 books is nearly sold out, and the book’s been reprinted.

It’s also got some pretty good reviews along the way. 🤯👏

“Probably the most inspirational book on punk as a force for good.”
Louder Than War—9/10

“Truly a labour of love. Ideal for those that still think the Pistols’ pretence of nihilism and destruction pervaded punk rock.”
Classic Rock—8/10